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Explanar Golf Training Aid

The Explanar is a Kinaesthetic Golf Training Aid that aims to teach your muscles how to perform the perfect golf swing.

Perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing is a swing that moves directly in line with your optimum golf swing plane. Most golf swings are either too flat or too upright, and the optimum golf swing plane is located between these two points.

By moving the Power Roller around the Explanar, you mimic your optimum swing plane. With practice, the movement of this perfect golf swing is then memorised by your muscles and will be re-enacted on the golf course and allow you to play longer, straighter and more consistent shots.

The Explanar Club

For an annual charge of £50.00 MGC members and Driving Range members can join the “Explanar Club” and will receive 2 x 20mins lessons on the Explanar with Christian and then have full use throughout the year.

For more information about how the Explanar can benefit you and to join the “Explanar Club” please contact the Professional Shop.